Climate Change, Winter Storm, Infrastructure and Texas


From the Belly of the Beast – By Barry Sheppard

The colder air and winter storms that came down the central part of the United States were another example of extreme weather due to global warming.

This event also revealed that the basic infrastructure of the country is not up to effectively dealing with the effects of climate change now and in the future as more extreme weather develops.

In particular, the experience of Texas is in itself a glaring and intensified example.

Kaleb Love, a municipal worker, breaks ice on a frozen fountain in Richardson, Texas, on Tuesday, as freezing temperatures grip the state. Photograph: LM Otero/AP

Scientists tell us that particular events cannot be reduced to climate change alone, but that it does portend more extreme weather world wide.

But this current event is connected to a development due to global warming directly. That is the fact that…

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