Stevedores on Strike at Fremantle


By Andrew Martin

Qube, a major stevedoring and logistics firm, has escalated an industrial dispute in the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia (WA), with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) – the maritime division of the CFMMEU. Protracted Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations have broken into open conflict with Qube using scab labour to discharge bulk cargo in what could be a long-running battle.

Qube specialises in bulk and general stevedoring, which includes steel, timber, grains, fertiliser, automotive and earthmoving products – to name just some of the goods they move. The company alleges that their workforce has taken strike action against the company since 30th July over 44 claims that are part of EA negotiations.

This assertion by Qube is not quite true. The 125 workers employed by Qube are taking, as is their legal right, protected industrial action. According to the MUA, the workers have not put in notice…

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Red Alert on Global Warming


By Barry Sheppard

SAN FRANCISCO — The past year has seen an intensification of floods, wildfires, droughts, heatwaves and other results of global warming worldwide.

On August 6, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report sounding the alarm.

An article in the New York Times began, “Nations have delayed curbing their fossil fuel emissions for so long that they can no longer stop global warming from intensifying over the next 30 years, though there is still a short window to prevent the most harrowing future, a major new United Nations scientific report has concluded.”

Here in California the acceleration of extreme weather this last year has been manifested by intensified heatwaves, drought and wildfires, part of such conditions growing in the Western states of the USA and reaching into Canada.

Firefighters battle the Maria Fire in Santa Paula, California on November 1, 2019. AP Photo/Noah…

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Climate Change, Winter Storm, Infrastructure and Texas


From the Belly of the Beast – By Barry Sheppard

The colder air and winter storms that came down the central part of the United States were another example of extreme weather due to global warming.

This event also revealed that the basic infrastructure of the country is not up to effectively dealing with the effects of climate change now and in the future as more extreme weather develops.

In particular, the experience of Texas is in itself a glaring and intensified example.

Kaleb Love, a municipal worker, breaks ice on a frozen fountain in Richardson, Texas, on Tuesday, as freezing temperatures grip the state. Photograph: LM Otero/AP

Scientists tell us that particular events cannot be reduced to climate change alone, but that it does portend more extreme weather world wide.

But this current event is connected to a development due to global warming directly. That is the fact that…

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